Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO covers a lot of territory and involves many layers and strategies. SEO is really a labor intensive process that takes place over time. There are thousands of search engines and each has their own algorithm as to how they rank web sites in their "results page". The algorithms are, of course, top secret and no one "knows" what those algorithms are - but there are well documented guidelines that need to be implemented to help your website toward that "first page" ranking.

What are some of the variables that go into the algorithm? Such things as: age of website, amount of traffic, useful content, changing content, keyword density, number of external links, quality of external links, and properly coded web pages. Not only that, but these variables and the algorithm are constantly changing. For example, Google is starting to rank based on speed of your website and how fast it loads.

So what is SEO? Everything is based on keywords. What's a "keyword"? It's what a user types into a search engine to look for something. It could be a single word (e.g., "doctor") or phrase (e.g., "eye doctor in los angeles specializing in laser surgery"). So first order of business - what's your keyword(s)?

SEO activities include the following:

  • Selecting a Good Domain Name
  • Selecting Proper Keywords and Phrases
  • Web Site Optimization
    (Meta Tags, Alt Tags, HTML tags, File Names, Browser Optimization, Text Optimization)
  • Website Content and Optimization
    (Keyword Density, Semantic Content, Current Content)
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Link Building
    (Directory Submissions, Community Building, Social Media, Article Submissions, Quality Inbound Links)

The first 4 items listed above are part of the web development/design and should be included as part of the web design itself and discussed with your web designer.

The following optimization packages are designed to do a more intense analysis and optimization of your web site (content and HTML) specifically for the keywords and phrases that will best bring traffic to your site.


Packages Red Blue
Price $299 $299+ $100/mo.
Keywords or terms 3 3 + 1 add'l per month
Additional Optimized Pages 3 3 + 1 add'l per month
Keyword Analysis & Research
Content Analysis and Development
Develop Current Content Strategies
Search Engine Submissions
Meta tag and Title tag development
Keyword relevancy and density report
Implement Google Analytics
XML Sitemap
Monthly Ranking Reports -
Monthly Analysis and Site Adjustment -


As search engines give more weight to quality external links, link building becomes more important and sites that need first page visibility require more comprehensive Off-site Optimization SEO Services.


Packages Bronze Silver Gold
Price $900/mo. $1250/mo. $1500/mo.
Keywords or terms 15 25 35
No. of quality inbound links per month 75 150 200
No. of keyword rich article content pages 15 25 35
Keyword research
Directory submission
Search engine submission
Meta tag and Title tag development
Keyword relevancy and density report
Reporting and Analytics 
XML sitemap

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