Web Hosting and Maintenance

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What is Web Hosting and Maintenance?

Web Site Hosting is the computer where your site actually resides and it includes the high capacity connections to the internet so the world can get to your site. Hosting is provided by a 3rd party hosting company.


Maintenance is the personal service we provide to make periodic changes you need done to your site (e.g., change some text or change out a picture). With us, you make one call or send us an email with your requested changes and we usually make the changes within a couple of business hours.

Cost: Hosting and Maintenance is included in the Basic Plan for only $25 per month.

Domain Name Registration - Free with Basic Hosting Package

The domain name is the address of your site (e.g., www.p-consult.com)
These names have to be registered yearly. With the Basic Plan, we will help you find a suitable domain name and register it for you at no cost to you. If you already have a domain name - no problem - we'll provide the information needed to point your domain name to your new web site.

Web Site Monitoring - Free with Basic Hosting Package

We will constantly monitor your site to make sure it is up and available.